Melatonin: The Sleep Hormone

People know that nights are meant for sleeping. Some have a profound sleep at night while others struggle to get sleep. What many people do not know is what is it that makes some to have a profound sleep while others do not seem to have it in the same way. For many years Hindus have had a belief that in the center of the head, there is a seed like a gland that seems to control sleep in human beings. They believed that the whole body is controlled from that single position. For many years scientists have been trying to understand the importance of the gland in the body.

Scientists through various researchers have found out that the gland that is seated right in the middle of the brain produces a hormone that is responsible for sleep. The hormone is said to produce a substance known as melatonin or metaltonina which causes sleep in human beings. With much research, scientists have been able to provide melatonin and it I found its way in the market with a promise that people will get better sleep. In some places like the Brazil, it is beginning to become widespread and present in the market.

The substance is widely sold in the United States, and people believe that they will sleep more as they continue using it. The hormone that is produced by the body not only regulates sleep but it also repairs the body cells that are exposed to damage through stress and pollution. The hormone is essential in the body because it also makes sure that the body cells are not attacked by the free radicals. Therefore it acts as an antioxidant and a shield to the body cells.

The most exciting thing is that melatonina is present in all living things even plants. It is referred to by scientists as the hormone of sleep. When released to the body it helps it to synchronize the end of the day. Therefore, it prepares the body for the night. The scientifically produced melatonina is sold as a food supplement. In some countries, it is controlled. It is mostly used by the people who are not able to get enough sleep or those who are confused because of jet lag caused by the difference in time zones. Those who have the problem of sleep may find the supplement very helpful. At the same time, those who are moving from one time zone to another may want to take the supplement to help them soften the effect.

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