Uses of Melatonin

Melatonin hormone is usually produced naturally by the pineal gland in the human body. It is generally found above the middle part of your brain. It is the hormone that is responsible for helping your body to be able to know what time to sleep and to wake up. The body is designed in a way that melatonin is produced at night. These hormone increases in its levels when the sun is setting. The levels go down just before the sun goes up in the morning. Melatonina is highly dependent on the amount of light your body gets.

Many people have sleeping disorders nowadays. One of the many causes of sleepless eyes has been attributed to the internet. Sometimes people keep chatting with their friends, watching YouTube videos and the moment they look at their watches it's already midnight, and they haven't slept yet. Other times, people get too stressed such that they cannot find sleep in their eyes anymore. Whereas other people are naturally nocturnal and they can't help it. Different time zones for people who have transverse across this terrestrial ball may also have a hard time adjusting the body to the new time zone. Such lifestyles that deprive the body of its rest which comes with sleep may render the individual to work like a zombie during the day. These people are less productive, and if they do not take medicine, they may suffer from dire health repercussions.

Apart from being used by people with sleeping disorders, melatonina can also be used to prevent and treat sunburns on skin that is adversely affected. One should apply it on their skins as prescribed by the doctor. Melatonin can also reduce pains such as on the jaw more so especially for women. Doctors also use the hormone in the treatment of tumors during chemotherapy as well as for cancer treatment among other many uses.

What many people do not take into consideration is the careful use of melatonin. Since it is sold over the counter in some countries, folks have taken advantage of taking the drug with a proper prescription from a pharmacist or a doctor. Secondly, other people use it with the wrong intentions such as reducing addiction to illegal drugs. Last but not least, some other people do not complete the dosage given to them. Such highlighted uses of melatonin make the drug ineffective to the body.

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